In addition to content creation, the Bx Movement offers in-person classes that focus on healthy living and social skills. Focusing on the special education community, we aim to condition healthy behaviors for individuals of all ages. Using applied behavior analysis, we develop custom fitness routines our learners can generalize to multiple environments.

Learning to be Social and Fit: Special Education Group Classes

 Class Schedule

Special Education group fitness classes


Our in-person group class uses a combination of social skills education and our very own proprietary applied behavior analysis-focused fitness curriculum. Learners will engage in an environment that focuses on teamwork, encouragement and coaching. This will help them to achieve skill acquisition that can be generalized across social settings, all while learning to be healthy and active. Movement is the foundational social skill. This class will help open up their social world, expanding new worlds of relationships.

One on One Fitness Independence


One on one fitness instruction for a student with special needs One on one fitness instruction for individuals with special needs

Using applied behavior analysis, we provide in-person one on one fitness instruction to enhance the healthy and activity of out learners. The special education community is uniquely susceptible to sedentary behavior. Our classes are designed to infuse movement behavior into the lives of individuals with special needs.

Our classes provide a series of skill acquisition, skill maintenance, and tests for mastery. This allows the families we work with to generalize these skills in all of the necessary environments where they can be used.

Sports and Recreation Skill Development

Using a methodology rooted in applied behavior analysis learners will progress through elements of BX Movement’s multi-sport curriculum. Classes will involve learning foundational elements of multiple sports, including but not limited to, soccer, football, basketball, baseball, etc. Many social relationships are made during moments of recreation, but getting involved can be intimidating for individuals who may not yet have the foundational skills to participate. This is especially true for members of the special education community. This further isolates them from opportunities to make friends.

Teaching basketball skills to an individual in the special education community

In our skill development program we make acquiring those skills fun. Through our process of discreet conditioning, learning the skills is painless and provides a gateway to socialization that had not yet been discovered.

Bike Riding Lessons

Bike riding can be incredibly anxiety driving for members of the special education community. Often, individuals with special needs are relegated to riding oversized tricycles in physical education class as a result. We teach our learners to ride an age appropriate bike. Through a multi-phase process rooted in applied behavior analysis, our learners have been able to do everything from ride around their block to 25 mile road races and everything in between.

Classes will involve learning the foundational elements of balance, stability and motor planning. A bicycle for training purposes will be provided by BX Movement for in-person sessions

Members of the special education community learning to ride a bikeAn individual with special needs riding in a bike race