A photo of an AI-generated pigeon based on BF Skinner and his Pigeons that birthed the science of applied behavior analysis. The pigeon has a robotic appearance and is multiple colors such as pink, white, gray, and blue.

Applied Behavior Analysis: Engage, Educate, Empower

The (Bx) Movement is a behavior science company that pushes the boundaries of applied behavior analysis to bring it to the modern world. CEO and Radical Behaviorist Brett Yarris provides several ABA use cases aimed at educating multiple communities. Like B.F. Skinner and his pigeons, the Behavior Movement provides examples of ABA that enhances the lives of everyone. Whether they are individuals with special needs, professional athletes, or media organizations, ABA benefits everyone.

Beyond Autism: Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied behavior analysis is not just for individuals with Autism. The (Bx) Movement is pushing the boundaries.  Listed below are use cases that demonstrate how the science is used to generate optimal outcomes. Brett Yarris outlines different out-of-the-box use cases for ABA that are not specifically geared towards traditional uses for Autism. In fact, these use cases are used with or without people who have Autism.

Applied Behavior Analysis for Professional Athletes

We have a YouTube series with Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Lineman Lucas Niang demonstrating how ABA helps him in the NFL. Needing to stay ready during a year away from the game during the pandemic, ABA helped the Superbowl 57 champion come back and step into a starting role. From foundational techniques, to defeating advanced pass rush moves, the Behavior Movement helps provide a science based approach!

Media Production

Brett Yarris, as part of his previous role as the lead strategist for Pro Football Network, develops and produces multiple successful content campaigns. The principles of ABA show up in crafting amazing story telling with icons like ESPN’s Ryan Clark and the NFL’s first ever team-level female CEO Amy Trask. You also find these principles in the creation of long-form documentaries that take you through multiple layers of the story process, such as in the Pro Football Network production “Hopeful”.

Applied behavior analysis drives the decision making process every step of the way. From ideation all the way to post production, this ensures that our content finds an audience and that the audience is retained through multiple parts of the content funnel.

Special Education

Anyone in the Special Education community will be aided by a better understanding of applied behavior analysis. We put extra emphasis on physical education and active living skills. We also provide guidance that touches on all things that impact the community through ABA.

At the (Bx) Movement, we create:

  • Content and educational courses to better help families navigate the resources available to them
  • Content for schools and educational organizations helping them better meet their goals
  • Content for professionals in special education helping them better reach their clients and students

Applied Behavior Analysis in Physical EducationUsing Applied Behavior Analysis to help families navigate the special education environmentApplied behavior Analysis used to promote healthy living skills for individuals with special needs.