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About Us

The (Bx) Movement is a behavior science company, using behavior analytic techniques to teach foundational movement skills to improve active living for individuals with special needs. 


For many students, these activities happen concurrently in social settings, and social skills specific to those settings can be a barrier difficult to overcome.. 


For over a decade we have been at the forefront in teaching individuals to achieve meaningful outcomes in exercise routines, recreational skills, sports skills, etc. We view Movement as a foundational social skill, and through movement, not only do we achieve healthier outcomes, but open up a world of new activities. 


Co-Founder Brett Yarris is a former certified special education teacher in the state of Connecticut and a trained behaviorist, spending over a decade in the field. Brett has worked as a special education teacher and behaviorist in both the public school system and the private school system, serving communities in both New York and Connecticut.


Brett received his Masters degree in Special Education from Long Island University and completed his course work in Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis at Florida Institute of Technology.


Not only has Brett built a proven track record in special education, but he also applies his methodology to professional athletes in the NFL, working alongside Players, Coaches, and Agents, using the same behavioral movement techniques across populations, proving the generalized effectiveness of our program.