Improving Outcomes Since 2013

Social Fitness Behavior


1:1 Fitness Skill Independence

Using applied behavior analysis, we provide in-person one on one fitness instruction to enhance the health and activity of our learners. The special education community is uniquely susceptible to sedentary behavior. Our classes are designed to infuse movement behavior into the lives of individuals with special needs.

Sports and Recreation Skill Development

Using a methodology rooted in applied behavior analysis, learners will progress through elements of BX Movement’s multi-sport curriculum. Classes will involve learning foundational elements of multiple sports, including but not limited to, soccer, football, basketball, baseball, etc. Many social relationships are made during moments of recreation, but getting involved can be intimidating for individuals who may not yet have the foundational movement skills to participate. This is especially true for members of the special education community.

Group Classes

Learners are able to begin in group classes where they will directly apply learned social skills within the context of the activities being performed (fitness, recreational sports, etc.). Learners in our 1:1 settings may wish to supplement with group classes as well.

Summer Social Fitness Groups

We offer a multi-week social fitness group during the summer. The group meets for three hours a day, includes lunch, and focuses on recreational activities found at social gatherings, like family bbqs, in the summer. We teach games like Cornhole, Bocce Ball, Volley Ball, as well as activities like hiking, so that when the family gets together everyone is able to participate!


"Now that his movement skills have improved and he has been practicing playing some sports, he feels much more like ‘one of the guys’ and, rather than stay inside during lunch, he joins his friends outside playing football, etc...So not only has the improvement in movement skills led to an increase in socialization directly by allowing him to more actively participate in physical types of activities, it has opened new avenues for socialization as he has been invited to others’ houses for parties, for the first time."

Melanie – Bx Movement Client Mom

"...the improvement in movement skills and the perseverance needed for him to improve has provided an invaluable boost to his self-image, making him much more willing to try new activities that he otherwise would not have."

Claudia – Bx Movement Client Mom

"For the first time in 13 years, I was able to go outside and have a catch with my son, and have it be something we were able to enjoy together. I know it sounds so simple, but it's something I think other parents take for granted. For me, it was a moment of real connection in a way we haven't been able to do before. I'll always be thankful to Brett and his team for that moment."

Matt – Bx Movement Client Dad