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BX Movement Fitness Technology is a comprehensive physical education company that uses cutting edge science and technology to enhance the lives and performances of both the Special Education community, and Elite Athletes across the country.

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Whether you are an Elite Athlete looking to step up your game, or a parent or caregiver of a loved one with Special Needs, come in and see how the BX Movement method will meet your needs. Call 914-500-9584 or fill out our contact form at the top of the page!

Elite Athletes

BX Movement works with top athletes at the high school, college and professional levels, including NCAA division 1 and the NFL. 

Using our behavior analytic model, we work as a supplement to your team coaching and training to help ensure you do what your coaches need you to do to perform your best! Set up a consultation today!

Special Education

BX Movement is committed to providing the best quality physical education to the Special Needs community. The same method and quality used for our elite athletes is the same for our special education population.

While the goals may be different, the quality and dedication shouldn’t be. Here at BX Movement parents and caregivers can be assured their loved ones are receiving individualized attention to help them live healthy and active long into their adult years! 

All learners welcome! We have served clients with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome, ADHD, Nonverbal learning disability and more. 



Trusted by Leaders across industries, and Parents across communities…

“It is a terrific service and needed by ALL players….it is necessary …I think most important, is for these young men to have mentors they can lean on for things regardless of whether it is football, family, financial related and these guys provide that.”


CJ Laboy

Vice President, Football, Wasserman

“If you are looking for 1-on-1 fitness coaching from a true innovator then you need to check out BX Movement Fitness Technology. Experience well beyond their years utilizing behavior analysis techniques to coach athletes of all abilities. A true passion for the special needs community incorporating fitness into everyday living as well as performance enhancement for high level athletes. Give him a call and you will not be disappointed!”

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Dr. Duane Scotti, DPT, PhD, OCS

Owner, SPARK Physical Therapy

“Before BX Movement, during the school year [my son] used to pray for rain so that he wouldn’t have to be outside playing sports.
Now, however, that his movement skills have improved and he has been practicing playing some sports with the coaches at BX Movement, he feels
much more like ‘one of the guys’ and, rather than stay inside during lunch, he joins his friends outside
playing football, etc.

Being there amongst his friends, as well as with other classmates who join in at
different times, he has made more friends and consequently has been invited to more social functions
with his peers.

So not only has BX Movement led to an improvement in movement skills, its has led to an increase in socialization
directly by allowing him to more actively participate in physical types of activities. 

In addition, the improvement in movement skills and the perseverance needed for him to improve has provided an invaluable boost to his self-image, making him much more willing to try new activities that he otherwise would not have….

We owe BX Movement so much thanks for helping my son discover his potential!”


BX Movement Parent